How to get over insecurities: confidence Tips and tricks of how to feel less insecure

   What is insecurity and why we experience it


 Insecurity has to do with the lack of confidence, anxiety about oneself and also the feeling of uncertainty. It is something that most of us, if not all experienced at some point in our lives.

 Even the most confident person is insecure about something. Insecurity does have the power to set up a stop sign, or even hold us back from taking on new opportunities, but that is only if we allow it to.

The reason for your insecurity varies.

  Being confident and having a high self-esteem is one, at some point in our lives we are afraid to make changes and take on new task, because we see ourselves as not being good enough.

  Another is where we compare ourselves with others not knowing how toxic it could be, especially through social media and people in our environment that we socialize with.

Tips and tricks of overcoming and feeling less insecure

      The great news is there are ways in which we can work on feeling less insecure.

1..Challenge the negative thoughts


Challenge your negative thoughts with positive ones. | QuotiePie

We tend to find it easier to blame ourselves for the simplest things and think negative rather than positive.

    In order to get over these thoughts you have to replace the negatives thoughts with positive. Rather than thinking about thinks like, I am not good enough, I am ugly, and how can I get more attractive to get more attention, focus on what you admire most about yourself and celebrate those aspects. Try to understand your negative thoughts, then spend more time on how to reshape these thoughts into positive ones, by telling yourself how beautiful or handsome you are and that you are always good enough whether someone like it or not.

2.. Spending quality time with people you love and cherish


15 Signs He's Falling in Love with You for Sure ...

By doing this you will realize that when you are among people like this, they will help to build your self-confidence, and motivate you in ways that allow you to feel more acceptive of yourself. The more you spend time and go out with these people the more you will start to appreciate your own qualities and flaws without feeling less or in comparison with others. By doing this you could also celebrate your success and talk about the great things you have done or achieve and by that time you will realize that you become less insecure.

3.. Stop comparing yourself with others


Use These 3 Mantras to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

  When you try to measure up to others or even try to be like someone, you will realize that this is where insecurity starts to force itself. At some point you are going to feel like the other person you are comparing yourself with gets more attention or is smarter and better looking than you are. This is where you are going to also feel like you are not good enough, which is where low self-esteem starts to build up. Stop comparing yourself with others in the wrong way.

4…Try as best as possible to ignore bad criticism


How Should You React to Negative Feedback? 13 Experienced Speakers Share  Their Secrets |

No one likes to be judged or criticized. In order to get over your insecurities you have to learn to recognize the criticisms you receive and if it is unproductive you should ignore them. Some criticisms are used to improve who we are as an individual hence, to feel less insecure try to see criticism as being good such as helpful and that it was meant to improve one’s quality.

We are always going to experience insecurities, but learning how overcome and feel less insecure can help you to be more confident and take on new task.


What made you feel less insecure?

How do you overcome insecurities?

Borchard, T. (2018). 5 Things to Do When You Feel Insecure. Psych Central. Retrieved on November 7, 2020, from

Target audience: teenagers and adults


How to get over insecurities: confidence tips and tricks of how to feel less insecure

November 8, 2020


  1. I would just remind myself that everyone is different and my attribute might not be the same as another person’s attribute.

    I like this post i think it helps with mental health that we find ways to control our insecurities


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